* Can I monitor all the channels of all virtual drivers?

Yes you can, simply choose your GroundControl driver channels you want to monitor in our GroundControl CUBE application.

* Does the driver support all sample rates?

Yes, we support 44.1khz, 48Khz, 88.2khz, 96khz, 176.4khz, 192khz. all with zero latency.

* Is it totally FREE?

Yes, we would like you to enjoy our product. it's totally free.

* Can I see GroundControl Drivers in AUDIO MIDI SETUP? Should I see 3 drivers?

Yes, you will see GroundControl drivers in the AUDIO MIDI setup and in your system sound preferences.

* Does it support Windows?

Not yet, I am working now on our Windows version, please allow us to send you mail when it's ready.

* How can I send the system sound to the GroundControl drivers

You should choose the GroundControl driver in your system sound. if you are working with DAW you should choose the GroundControl driver as its audio engine.

* How can I uninstall GroundControl drivers

You can download our uninstaller here 



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