Get started with GroundControl Cube

What Can I do with GroundControl Cube?

For starters, here is a simple (but common) setup you can do with GroundControl Cube:

Download the driver & app from

enter your email and submit.

It can take up to 1 min for your download mail to arrive.

Open your mail, click on the download link and install the .pkg file.

Now, let’s do some audio routing.

Open the app, make sure to allow access to microphone when prompted. If the you don't see the pop-up message, go to settings>security & privacy>Microphone

make sure that GroundControl Cube is checked.

  1. If you want to route your system audio into any recording application- go to your system sound preferences from the preferences menu or from the top bar and choose GC as your output device.

  2. To stream audio between two applications, simply choose the output of one application as groundcontrol and the input of the second application as groundcontrol.

  3. Some applications automatically route their in & out audio same as the system sound preferences.

To monitor the virtual audio stream, so you can hear what’s going on, open the Ground Control Cube app. Choose your GC driver (2/16/24) in the input button, then choose your audio interface for monitoring in the output button.

Now you can monitor the audio you are streaming through GC driver.

The app provides a large volume knob alongside mute, dim, and mono buttons.

There’s also a VU meter that helps to catch any clipping that might occur.

For questions and inquiries, write me to or join my Discord channel.

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