Getting started with GroundControl Room

GroundControl Room lets you patch between any audio devices available in your system (an audio interface, system sound, etc.) as well as GC virtual drivers.

With GroundControl Room you can Route your audio, process it with plugins, monitor, and mix - all in one place.

Download GroundControl Room

Download the pkg file from

It is highly recommended to close your DAW and any audio applications before running the installer.

Run the installer

Once finished you will have:

  • GroundControl Room virtual audio driver installed – you should be able to see it in your AUDIO MIDI Setup and under your system sound preferences.

This virtual driver has 16 in and 16 out channels.

  • GroundControl Room application under your Applications folder. For ease of access, you can use the GroundControl Room Tray bar Icon – located in your top tray bar.

Once you run the GroundControl room app for the first time it will ask permission to access your microphone – please make sure to allow this.

If the system hasn’t asked for this permission, go to your settings > Security>Microphone

Default inputs for GroundControl Room will be set up automatically.

Input A = GC Room 1-2

Input B = GC Room 3-4

Input C = GC Room 5-6

Input D = GC Room 7-8

Output A = Will be set automatically to the device that was used in your output system sound.

Routing system audio

To send your system sound audio into the GroundControl Room application, select GroundControl Room driver as your output system sound device.

By default, it will be routed GroundControl Room channels 1-2. If you want to change that you can configure it in settings> speaker preferences.

Routing audio to/ from DAW and apps.

Application setups (Zoom, Discord, etc).

To route audio from Zoom/ Discord/ Twitch or any other sound source app-

Set the output (commonly named “Microphone”) to GroundControl Room driver.

DAW with two audio engines

Most DAW’s offer two audio engines, one for input and the other for output (Logic Pro, Studio One, Garage band to name a few).

In this case, keep your input device set as your audio interface and set the output device as GroundControl Room.

Aggregated device for DAW’s with one audio engine

Some DAW’s offer one audio engine (ProTools, Cubase, etc).

For mixing and mastering purposes, when you don’t need physical inputs, just set GroundControl Room as your audio engine and output the channels to GroundControl Room.

For recording, when you use physical inputs from your audio interface, you will need to set up an aggregated device in AUDIO MIDI SETUP that combines your interface with the GroundControl Room driver.


  2. Hit on the + button to add a new aggregated device

  3. Give this device a name

  4. Now choose your audio interface

  5. then choose GroundControl Room driver

  6. Make sure your audio interface is set as clock master for this aggregated device.

  7. Make sure GroundControl Room “Drift correction” option is checked.

In ProTools, you can now select this aggregate device as your audio engine.

You will see that outputs to the GroundControl room have been added.

GroundControl Room Application

GroundControl Room has Five inputs. You can select either a virtual input (using GroundControl Room FREE virtual drivers) or a physical audio device.

For example, you can select your mic as input 1, Zoom app as input 2, Logic Pro as input 3, and your RME interface as input 4.

The 5th input is pre-configured to host a talkback mic.

Click on the input selector to set up each input.

Every input has its own meter, level fader, and plugin insert. To insert a plugin just click on the "+" button and choose a plugin. you can bypass the plugin or replace it at any time.

GroundControl Room has peak meters for all input and output levels, for maximum control.

Each channel can be configured for mono or stereo operation and has separate volume control.

There is also an Indication led for the input source.

When the led is on, the input is selected. hover above the led to see the assigned input channel.

GroundControl Room enables you to toggle between inputs. just click on the square button on the right of each input to listen to it.

Clicking on the lock icon will prevent the input from being toggled.

Each input can be sent to Cue mix. use the "to cue" knob to determine the amount that will be sent to the cue mix.

The talkback input is routed to the cue mix only and has a latch/non-latch mode button.

GroundControl Room features 5 outputs, so you can listen to your audio on various speaker sets or route to headphones \ sub mix.

Just click on the output selection menu and set up your outputs. You can toggle between outputs in the same way as in the input section by clicking the square button. you can also lock outputs to prevent them from being toggled.

You can also insert plugins on each output - this is great for adding room correction, Eq or limiter plugins to your outputs. you can also insert a streaming plugin to stream your mix directly from GroundControl Room.

The main section includes a big knob for monitoring. here you can also Mute, Mono or Dim your sound stream.

The dim option also has an adjustable dim knob.

The main also includes an input meter, this meter shows the sum level for all the activated inputs.

here you will find:

- a plugin panel- this plugin gets the feed from all the inputs and sends audio to all outputs.

- phase reverse - for L\ R

- L\R\stereo buttons- Toggle between listening to L only, R only, or Stereo.

On the top right, you will see the demo mode button.

The free trial includes 7 days with the software’s full version. After 7 days of the free trial, While in demo mode, the audio will stop every 10 minutes.

You can evaluate our product as long as you want and purchase whenever you are ready!

The top bar also has an always-on-top on\off button. Clicking on the pin icon will keep GroundControl Room on top of your desktop, and yourself on top of your audio setup!

Let’s have a look at the menu options:

Rescale: You can rescale the application by choosing the scaling percentage. this will let you scale the app’s visual interface for your resolution needs.

You can also rescale by holding the bottom right corner of the app and dragging it in and out.

Master clock selection

You can assign any of your audio devices to be the master clock for GroundControl Room. It is recommended to use the same interface you are using for your DAW.

Buffer size selection

You can adjust your buffer size from Very low latency to CPU efficiency.


Launch on system startup - will launch the application on each system restart.

Always on top - similar to the pin button (in the top right corner), will keep the application window on top of all other applications.

Show Audio Engine Overload message - This will pop up a warning message if your system CPU is overloaded. When this message appears, it is recommended either to increase the application buffer size or remove some plugins.

One plug-in editor window at a time - You can choose to see only one plugin window at a time or multiple windows.

Enable keyboard input monitoring - This option will pop up an OS permission request to grant access to input monitoring. For this to take effect, the OS requests to restart the application. Once done, all key commands will work all the time, regardless if the application is in front or not. This option allows you to control the app, anytime even while working on your DAW, using key commands.

Key Command & MIDI:

One of Ground Controls’ most exciting features is its ability to be controlled by Key Commands & MIDI. You can assign any keys to control the app.

You can also connect any MIDI interface to learn the app’s knobs and buttons and create your own high-end monitor section in minutes.

the MIDI menu will open a window to select your MIDI device. Once selected, right-click on any app parameter will open a menu:

Start MIDI learn/Cancel - if you are already in "learn" mode, a cancel option will appear instead.

Clear - will remove the assigned MIDI commands for the selected parameter.

Clear all - will remove all assigned MIDI commands for all app parameters.

For questions and inquiries, write me at or join my Discord channel.

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