mixing board for streamers

GroundControl Caster offers audio processing together with audio routing - so that you can create the perfect audio stream sound. combine audio from any input devices, microphones, and application sources, mix them, and stream.

GroundControl Caster allows you to create dedicated virtual audio drivers, process your audio with AU plug-ins, and stream.

With GroundControl Caster you can stream gameplays, create professional screencasts, produce high-quality podcasts, and much more.


GroundControl Caster features:

  • up to eight application source inputs (zoom, logic, chrome and more)

  • up to three physical audio inputs (mic, interface, instruments).

  • up to eight configurable virtual drivers.

  • Our virtual drivers allow you to get audio from applications and audio input devices.

  • you can set any of your audio interfaces as input\output.

  • Insert plugins on any input\output.

  • Volume control for each input\output and main out.

  • two main monitor mix bus.

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